Basil sausages

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I really am addicted to the Maple Spice blog!

It really is just wonderful; amazing flavours, things I can find in my local supermarket and not too complicated to make. Lots of mess and lots of washing up but nothing too technical.

So I made this recipe;

Vegan Parmesan Rosemary Shallot sausages – except I had some left over basil (and I’m a bit addicted to it) so I used that instead of the rosemary.

Really really yummy sausages.

I also lobbed loads of basil in the sundries tomato gravy.

Seriously – can’t get enough of basil. YUM YUM YUM.

Packed up the left overs for lunch tomorrow as well.

So the recipe is pretty simple and easy to follow – I changed a couple of things – mostly due to convenience and laziness. I didn’t bother letting them sit for an hour someone cold – honestly I was too hungry and just couldn’t be bothered. I also didn’t bother simmering the sauce for 20 mi as it looked thick enough to me!

I wonder what Maple Spice recipe I’ll be making tomorrow….

The sauce looks a little bit odd because I put the basil in it.  What it lacks in looks it makes up for in taste - I promise!

The sauce looks a little bit odd because I put the basil in it.
What it lacks in looks it makes up for in taste – I promise!


Creamy spinach pasta

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Another day… Another Maple Spice recipe.

Maple Spice is by far my favourite vegan blog. She has lots of simple ideas that can be rustled up quickly after work.

I’m pretty sure she has a lemon addiction – it goes in to everything. But other than that the recipes are wonderful.

Last might I made Creamy Spinach Pasta – basically all you do is blend garlic, coconut milk (I used soy cream as the hubby hates coconut), tonnes of spinach, nutmeg and a mountain of lemon juice and zest.

I sprinkled on some fake parmesan (nutritional yeast flakes, ground almonds and salt) and some pine nuts and good to go.

It did taste yummy, however given the colour of it – my brain was expecting a lovely creamy pesto. Mmmmm. It wasn’t quite as nice as that I’m afraid. But tasty, easy and cheap 🙂



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Being awkward

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Being vegan has been going much better than expected and, aside from shampoo and deodorant, I seem to have found good alternatives for everything I thought I couldn’t cope without.

But now some irritating problems are starting to crop up;

1. Client lunches

I am an (aspiring/junior) business lady and today is my first client meeting since turning vegan.

I’ve never felt awkward asking for vegetarian food to be provided, but genuinely felt like a bit of an idiot asking a manufacturing company in the depths of Wales if their canteen had any vegan options. The poor cook didn’t even know what a vegan was!

To avoid appearing like an idiot I’m just going to bring my own food along – sees a lot easier!

2 Byte Night

I am taking part in a charity event tonight for Action for Children where we are sleeping rough in a car park to raise awareness and of course money.

As part of the evening the charity are providing us with hot pasties (no!), a midnight feast of pizza (no!!) and a bacon buttie in the morning (NO!).

Looks like I will be a hungry little camper tonight. On top of being cold, wet and miserable!

I suppose it will be more a kin to being homeless for the night!

3. Work celebration

For completing a project my work have provided a budget for the team to go out for dinner. Unbeknownst to me the girl who organised it bloody loves a steak – so got an invite in my diary to go to a steak restaurant next week. Pretty sure I won’t be attending!!

So in summary it seems as though by being vegan I end up missing out on quite a few perks.

It’s worth it though 🙂


Vegan beauty

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Did you all know Barry M stuff is nearly all vegan and never tested on animals?

Just found out and went and stocked up.

So pleased that I can buy normal make up from a high street shop guilt free!


Shepards pie

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Not the most incredible vegan dish I’ve had but simple to make and mostly store cupboard ingredients.

I wouldn’t bother putting the lemon in though. Yuck!

See last post for recipe



Got this in the oven…. Hungry!!!

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